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Top Design Trends for the Florida Home Market

Whether you’re building or buying, knowing the trends that can either save or make you the most money is key. Homebuyers and owners can plan their environments around the South Florida weather, adding amenities that quickly upgrade the value. Whether you’re looking for ultimate luxury or practicality, here are some of the top design trends in 2015:

  • Capitalizing on Space
    Homeowners and buyers are starting to see the value in repurposing existing space into what they need. The living room is no longer a staple, and has been turned into game rooms, libraries and other functional live-in areas that provide more comfort and an efficient use of the space that is already available. Formal dining rooms are also being redone into offices or rooms for utility. Great rooms are still a popular trend, combining both the family room and kitchen for added use, and are consistent among new home plans.
  • Green Everything
    Designers and builders in South Florida are big on incorporating LEED certified elements in new construction, and adding energy-efficient appliances and windows in existing properties to meet the needs of consumers who want long-term savings. Dual-flush toilets, low-flow faucets, extra insulation, tankless water heaters and solar heating are also hot trends with huge results.
  • Kitchen Basics
    There’s nothing like having a functional, yet beautiful kitchen with enough space to have a large gathering if you need to. Families continue to crave the convenience of kitchen/great room styles with amenities like large walk-in pantries, integrative desk and computer areas, flush dispensers, cabinet refrigerators and more. Contemporary designs are still popular, but the trend has shifted more toward a clean and simple showing.
Contemporary Kitchen Design

Contemporary Kitchen Design

  • Tech Has It
    Technology used to be considered a luxury, but is now a staple in home design. Fiber optics, integrative smart home circuitry, automated energy, countertops that double as a charging station, TV in mirror choices, and smart appliances all top the list for trends that are huge in both luxury and affordable home prices.
  •  Master Suites (times two)
    Homes are integrating two master suites into their plans to accommodate children that are growing older, or in preparation for aging parents that may be moving in. This is also ideal for families that have a lot of out-of-town guests. It’s a luxury worth having, and adds to the practicality and value of the home.
  •  Sleek Garages
    Garages are no longer storage facilities for everything you don’t have a place for. Today’s garages have temperature controls, glass doors, dynamic sound systems, specialty flooring, and in luxury Florida homes, car lifts to accommodate every vehicle in the residence.
  •  Keyless doors
    While keyless entry is nothing new, adding a biometric component to entering the home is. Biometric keyless entryways combine luxury and security to an everyday occurrence. Tailored with the biometric identification patterns of each person in the home, you will have effectively sealed yourself from the world with the touch of a finger or the scan of an eye.

These are just a few trends in Florida real estate that can be integrated into new or existing homes on the market. For more information, contact Jorge Guanche today!